All sessions are individually planned and begin with a thorough evaluation of the modes and functions of your voice.
The sessions consists of a gentle, deep tissue massage which relaxes compensatory tensions – primarily in jaw, throat, neck and breath-related muscles. Treatment also contain lessons in exercising the breath, relaxation, strengthening the muscles related to maintain the voice.

Naja Månsson has maintained professional voices for the last 13 years. After her MA from The Academy of Music in Southern Denmark Naja Månsson was trained in voice rehabilitation and is specialized in the fields of voice dynamics, body work for singers and actors, breathing and voice massage. Her work with artists is rooted in creating a deeper understanding and awareness of the body functions that are needed when performing. Naja is taught by voice teacher Trish McCaffery (US), voice teacher Abbie Furmansky (DE), voice coach John Norris (DE), acupuncturist Henry Buck (US), body worker Guido Witte (DE), alexander technique teacher Ann Rodiger (US) a.o.

Naja Månsson collaborates closely with Danish Actor Association, The Royal Danish Opera, Danish National TV and Radio, The Opera and Ballet in Oslo and together with vocal teacher Idil Alpsoy she has Singing Body.

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What does a session consist of?

The sessions provides maintenance for the voice, or rehabilitates it, providing health and increasing potential. It imbues the voice with greater impact and dynamics, releases stress and compensatory tensions. You will experience better breathing and a greater sense of grounding in your voice and your body. The sessions balances your voice, allowing your full potential to be expressed.
My interest for Voice Release has its source in my own experiences as a professional opera singer. The challenges, potentials and physical and mental foundations for the voice have always fascinated me.

Contact me on email: info@najamaansson.civist.dk or phone: +45 5041-3327

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